International Institute of Sports & Movement (I2SM)

Diagnose and Reprogram your movement patterns to maximize your health and sports performance.



I2SM uses MsE™ technology to train and rehabilitate clients from all walks of life. Our private MsE™ sessions are individually tailored to help clients get the most out of their treatment. These one-on-one appointments allow for immersive, optimized training that offers:

  • A personalized experience for each individual client
  • Significant & demonstrable pain relief
  • A safe, professional environment built on compassion and respect


I2SM recognizes that every human possesses a different body, a different method of movement, and a different set of goals. We also understand that, in order to relieve pain effectively, we must tailor our services to each unique individual and their specific level of discomfort. Musculosystematic Engineering (MsE™) technology allows us to do so.

Musculosystematic Engineering™ (MsE™)

The study of both the safety and effect of cumulative neuromuscular interaction for any movement at any given moment. MsE™ focuses on the multiple functional responsibilities of each distinct muscle and its corresponding neurological pathway, and it helps us provide a comprehensive approach to performance improvement and injury prevention.

Musculosystematic Therapy™

Develop highly refined, multi-tiered synergistic muscles that work together in harmony, leveraging larger muscle movements while simultaneously managing the most intricate demands of holistic muscle movement. During therapy practice, we provide our patients with actionable cues to keep them on the right track and help encourage the best possible results.



Get a firsthand look at how I2SM transforms our clients’ lives

Enable Athletes to be limitless

Lexi is a Division I Javelin Thrower and had been throwing with severe pain for over a year before her initial consultation with I2SM in April. At first, the pain was limited to when she practiced or competed, but eventually, it progressed to the point that she was feeling it all the time, in everyday movements.

Lexi and her coaches at I2SM focused not only on the removal of her pain but tailoring her programming to the highly specific throwing motion that the javelin requires. In short order, Lexi was throwing pain-free while, as she put it, “trying less” and in just three months of virtual training with her I2SM coaches during Covid19, while continuing to train for the javelin, she was pain-free in her everyday life.

With the complete integration of her hips and fully functional movement mechanics into her throwing motion and her pain-free shoulder, Lexi is throwing farther than ever before and we’re looking forward to helping her achieve new heights as she continues through her collegiate career and beyond.

Increase Mobility & Strength

Heidi came to I2SM Boston towards the end of November 2019. In her mid-60s and an avid rugby player for her whole life, in 2016 her orthopedic surgeon diagnosed her with osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage) in her right knee. Eventually, the recommendation came for a full knee replacement, scheduled for February 2020.

After her diagnosis, Heidi tried PRP injections to manage her symptoms, as well as two patella femoral realignments, one in each knee. After her initial I2SM consultation, 2 monthly sessions and diligently completing the “homework” given to her by her I2SM coaches, by February, Heidi had recovered enough range of motion in her right knee for it to be even with her left, a self-proclaimed win!

Heidi’s I2SM coaches focused primarily on her ability to support her knee from her hips, creating a synergistic relationship in the musculature, letting her movement rely less on the knee joint. This in turn allowed the cartilage breaking down in her knee to have more room to operate, slowing the degeneration. Heidi wound up cancelling her surgery after only a few months of work with I2SM, experiencing increased mobility and strength, as well as little to no pain in her once problematic right knee.

Heidi is now empowered to be active and focus on her health goals that she would have to wait until after her procedure to begin working on, all without the need for surgery or medication.