Our Mission

Heal seven Billion

Our Vision

We envision I2SM as a benchmark for both therapeutic exercise and athletic performance within the US and on an international scale. We see ourselves as healers in the truest sense, using our unique approach to eliminate pain, elevate performance, and help human beings reclaim their bodies.

As part of our pursuit, we strive to offer a world-class education in the development of functional movement practice and the application of Musculosystematic Engineering (MsE™) to performance training.





Our Team

Yann Kumin, Senior MsE
I2SM President of Operations
Owner/ General Manager, I2SM Boston

A 2004 graduate of Harvard University, Yann has been attached to Musculosystematic Engineering for over a decade. A longtime former teacher and high school football coach, Yann became the President of Operations for I2SM in the summer of 2019 because, in his words, “there is no other organization out there as effective at ensuring health, eliminating pain, and maximizing performance.”

Aaron Jessee, Master MsE
I2SM Director of Education
Owner/ General Manager, I2SM Boston

A 2014 graduate of Endicott College, where he was a 2 year starter for the Gulls Men’s Volleyball program, Aaron began as an intern at I2SM Boston in 2013 where Musculosystematic Engineering (MsE) helped him to recover from chronic knee and back pain. His own experiences with the successes of MsE led to his desire to help others live a healthy, pain free life. Although he works with a wide range of clients, as a high level volleyball athlete, Aaron especially enjoys working with volleyball players to ensure their performance, health, and enjoyment of the game.

Nick Mulherin, Senior MsE
Baseball Sports Performance, Throwing Consultant
MsE Coach, I2SM Boston

A 2015 graduate of Springfield College, where he was a pitcher, Nick Mulherin trained as an I²SM athlete in high school, taking his pitch velocity from 67 mph to 87 mph in only a few months. As a practicing Athletic Trainer at an area high school, Nick became frustrated by the restrictions of traditional approaches to injury prevention and rehabilitation, leading him to his study of MsE. Certified as a Junior MsE in 2019, Nick’s passion for health and sport make him a valuable addition to the I²SM Boston team, working with a wide range of clients, although keeping a special passion for baseball-athletes and throwers.

Hakeem Barge, Junior MsE
Football/Basketball Sports Performance
MsE Coach, I2SM Boston

A former college basketball and football player and a 2014 graduate of Framingham State University where he played Defensive Back, Hakeem brings an infectious passion and energy to his practice of Musculosystematic Engineering. Certified as a Junior MsE in 2019, Hakeem’s zeal for MsE’s sports performance and rehabilitative ability led him to become one of the quickest I²SM Boston apprentices to achieve his certification and has made him a welcome addition to the I²SM Boston team. Although his passion is working with basketball and football athletes, Hakeem is adept at applying MsE to a wide client base with diverse performance and rehabilitative needs.

Alex Hall, Junior MsE
Martial Arts Sports Performance
MsE Coach, I2SM Boston

An honors graduate of Brockton High School, Alex has been a devoted student of Martial Arts since a very young age, Alex competed and won his very first Academy of Universal (Martial) Arts tournament at the age of 10. He earned his Jr. Black Belt in Shotokan Karate at the age of 12, his adult Black Belt at 15 and his second degree at 16.

Alex came across MsE as a client at the age of 17. It was “a last ditch effort to remedy the tear in [his] hip labrum, having seen no effect from traditional physical therapy. He remembers feeling a tangible difference in his body within two session, and has been utilizing, learning, and coaching MsE ever since. He became a Junior Certified Musculosystematic Engineer in 2018 and has been a member of the I2SM Boston staff ever since. In his own words, what Alex likes the most about MsE at this point is that he is “not constantly in pain” and “able to return to [his] sport fully and outperform [his own self]” along with “the knowledge to prevent needless injuries like the one [he] suffered.”

When he’s not at I2SM Boston, Alex is broadening his Martial Arts knowledge by learning Kenpo, Jeet Kun Do, Armas Kali, and Jiu-Jitsu at the Massachusetts Academy of Martial arts as well as Muay Thai at True MMA. He also works as a metal fabricator and welder out of his father’s race shop, Hall’s Custom of Brockton, Massasschusetts.


Sage Osprey, MEMsE

Sage Osprey is the founder of the International Institute of Sport & Movement and the creator of Musculosystematic Engineering(TM).

As a young man, Sage was an elite three-sport athlete, excelling in football, hockey, and most especially baseball, which he chose out of the three to pursue at the collegiate level at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. After a successful start to his collegiate career, Sage suffered a serious injury towards the conclusion of his sophomore season.

He was operated on by one of the most renowned sports orthopedists in the world and received elite-level physical therapy, and strength training during his rehabilitation.

Sage dedicated himself to working tirelessly on his rehab process, pouring himself into fulfilling the guidelines and recommendations of those treating him, only to suffer the same catastrophic injury when cleared to return to the field of play. Sage dedicated himself to working tirelessly on his rehab process, pouring himself into fulfilling the guidelines and recommendations of those treating him, only to suffer the same catastrophic injury when cleared to return to the field of play.

This effectively ended Sage’s high-level baseball career and destroyed his chance to achieve a lifelong goal, to become a professional athlete.

Not one to wallow in misfortune, this moment created a drive in Sage to seek answers to some central questions. Why, if an injured athlete otherwise in peak physical condition was treated by the best in the world and did everything asked of him, if not more, did the very same injury recur? Where did the approach miss the mark? These questions sent Sage on a quest for knowledge, leading him to learn from some of the most renowned human movement specialists on the planet, voraciously consuming data from visionaries like Igor Burdenko, John Davies, and Pete Egoscue to create a comprehensive and unique approach to human movement. The system that Sage synthesized from this data he named Musculosystematic Engineering.

What made Sage’s creation of the MsE system so revolutionary rested in its universal application. It became clear to Sage early on that this was more than functional movement, more than physical therapy, ,ore than chronic pain relief, more than sports performance, and more than fitness. It was a unifying thread throughout all of these areas. And so Sage set about to applying MsE to these various arenas and to teaching anyone truly interested in healing and helping their fellow human beings how to use MsE to do so.

In 2008, Sage opened what would become I2SM Boston in the heart of Boston’s historic North End. Over the next ten years, I2SM Boston became one of the region’s best kept secrets in the world of functional movement, pain relief, and sports performance helping thousands of people in the Boston area achieve their goals and experience a pain-free life. In this time, Sage continued to gather data, improving and perfecting MsE’s theory and application.

In 2018 and in partnership with The FootDoctor, Sage and I2SM expanded MsE’s reach internationally and to some of the most elite professional athletes on the planet. Although, no longer operating in direct conjunction with one another, Sage & The FootDoctor remain close friends. Today, The FootDoctor and many FootDoctor Sports practitioners and performance trainers across the world continue to make use of MsE as an important piece of their approach and delivery of service.

Currently, Sage has left I2SM Boston to spend more time with his family and pursue other interests in business and life, although he remains available for high level private consult, business consultations, and is always a regular and dynamic fixture at I2SM educational events, continuing to guide the next generation of Musculosystematic Engineers.

If you are interested in booking Sage for consultation or service, please email your interest to yann@i2sm.life.


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