Musculosystematic Therapy™ (built on Musculosystematic Engineering or MsE™) facilitates a full, healthy recovery for all clients experiencing setbacks due to physical injury.

Our expertise enables us to tackle a variety of ailments: from relatively uncomplicated breaks and sprains to more complex neurological or physical disorders. Most importantly, our therapy is expertly calibrated and individually tailored to help clients not only recover, but develop an incredible resistance to re-injury and future injury.



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Be empowered to live better

Heidi came to I2SM Boston towards the end of November 2019. In her mid-60s and an avid rugby player for her whole life, in 2016 her orthopedic surgeon diagnosed her with osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage) in her right knee. Eventually, the recommendation came for a full knee replacement, scheduled for February 2020.

After her diagnosis, Heidi tried PRP injections to manage her symptoms, as well as two patella femoral realignments, one in each knee. After her initial I2SM consultation, 2 monthly sessions and diligently completing the “homework” given to her by her I2SM coaches, by February, Heidi had recovered enough range of motion in her right knee for it to be even with her left, a self-proclaimed win!

Heidi’s I2SM coaches focused primarily on her ability to support her knee from her hips, creating a synergistic relationship in the musculature, letting her movement rely less on the knee joint. This in turn allowed the cartilage breaking down in her knee to have more room to operate, slowing the degeneration. Heidi wound up cancelling her surgery after only a few months of work with I2SM, experiencing increased mobility and strength, as well as little to no pain in her once problematic right knee.

Heidi is now empowered to be active and focus on her health goals that she would have to wait until after her procedure to begin working on, all without the need for surgery or medication.

Be Free of Pain and Limitations

Callie came to I2SM Boston in November 2018 after struggling with injuries, surgeries, and general pain in her right knee for over 10 years stemming from her original injury, a patellar dislocation, and ACL tear while playing high school volleyball. After surgery, she was able to play collegiate volleyball successfully, but with deteriorating functionality in her knee. Each year her pain worsened, her range of motion reduced, and ultimately, her cartilage began to deteriorate.

After only her initial consultation, Callie felt immediate relief from her knee pain as well as increased range of motion and strength. Not only was this needed on a personal level, but as a Registered Nurse for a Boston hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, Callie was regularly on her feet for 12+ hour shifts. It was of utmost importance both to her and to her patients that she was able to function optimally and pain free.

– Over the next couple of months, Callie’s I2SM coaches worken on her ability to support her knee, all the way from the manner in which her hip controlled her foot through the joint to her opposite side leg compensations caused by over ten years of pain. When Callie started at I2SM Boston, she felt pain when bending her knee with any type of resistance. By May 2019, she was able to squat past 90 degrees while paddle boarding!


MsE™ training works best when it’s customized according to your unique condition and your own personal needs. During our one-on-one private sessions, our MsE™ engineers will perform a free diagnostic evaluation based on your performance goals and/or any injuries you’ve experienced. Once the evaluation is complete, the engineers will then create a specific MsE™ program that’s specially curated to improve the movement, function, and integration within your neuromuscular systems and help you reach peak performance.

In addition, our team will recommend an experienced and highly qualified MsE™ coach who will be ideally suited to your program, and we’ll also provide a suggested timeline for successful application of your training-and-treatment plan.

*ALL active, private clients receive complimentary access to all of I2SM Boston’s online group offerings.


Beyond private training, I2SM also offers group sessions to make MsE™ more accessible and fun. Sign up for an I2SM Online Group and access MsE™ from anywhere in the world!


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