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Musculosystematics is an evaluation of muscular systems that aims to identify, address, and eliminate dysfunctions in your body that contribute to pain, weakness, discomfort, or tightness. In scientific terms, Musculosystematics refers to the study of the effect of cumulative neuromuscular interactions on any movement in the body in which each independent muscle and neurological pathway has multiple distinct responsibilities.

Musculosystematic Engineering (MsE) is the practical application of Musculosystematics. MsE practitioners hold the fundamental belief that each body is one-of-a-kind and that physical goals will vary from person to person. Musculosytematics offers a methodology through which sports performance and rehabilitation specialists can safely meet the needs of the individual in relation to their movement goals. It also helps engineers optimize treatment plans for maximum safety and efficiency.


Musculosystematic Therapy™ focuses on physical issues that may lead to symptoms such as pain, tightness, or overall muscular discomfort. These symptoms often stem from movement patterns that human beings unconsciously develop to help deal with daily stressors. These patterns––though common––can be detrimental to muscle systems and connective tissue in the long term.

The goal of MsE Therapy is to adjust and recreate repetitive physical habits and encourage both supportive and complementary muscular systems to correct any underlying dysfunctions. Effective MsE Therapy practices will help alleviate pain and guard against future injury.


I2SM’s complete MsE process unfolds in three phases:

Phase 1: Diagnostics

During the diagnostics phase, engineers attempt to uncover the complex dysfunctions that cause discomfort. This involves identifying those supporting muscular systems that have a negative impact on physical function. Essentially, engineers start with the pain and then work backwards, homing in on the root cause of the symptoms by tracing them to a specific source of movement.

Phase 2: Intervention

In the intervention phase, the engineer decides exactly how to approach diagnosed dysfunctions in order to mitigate ongoing symptoms. The resulting treatment plan will include, but will not be limited to, a detailed map of affected muscle systems and a list of exercises for subsequent healing (with notes on their intensity as well as how frequently they should be performed).

Phase 3: Implementation

The final phase applies this plan to the client’s everyday movements and provides other physical cues for continued improvement. Note: The therapy exercises themselves are not as important as how well they are implemented for each unique individual; it will therefore be up to the MsE engineer to make final decisions regarding which exercises will be most advantageous for each person, and in what ways.

The MsE process may also be revised as engineers discover more about clients’ physical functions, limitations, and symptoms through extensive interaction and discussion. The more information gathered at the diagnostics phase, the more informed the treatment at the intervention and implementation phases will be. However, the cycle may restart itself from time to time as trust develops between engineer and client and changes in function begin to occur.


The I2SM Certification Program offers institutions and individuals the opportunity to learn Musculosystematic Engineering™ and its many applications within training. This program is a hands on learning environment with 6 Certification Levels.


Bring the ultimate MsE learning experience to your facility through I2SM’s weekend MsE Primed Clinic experience. I2SM MsE Engineers will lead an MsE Primed Certification Seminar out of YOUR facility and run a series of fitness and sports performance groups for YOUR clients. There is no better way to bring the benefits of MsE to your staff, clients, and community.


The MsE Apprenticeship Program is I2SM’s comprehensive, individual education and certification process. Through a hands-on, personalized educational experience that is rooted in both MsE Theory, Guided Observation, & Practical Application, MsE Apprentices have the opportunity to work through up to 6 levels of MsE Certification and become certified Musculosystematic Engineers. Former apprentices include: physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, sports performance coaches, gym owners, coaches, trainers, and more…


I2SM Institutional Certification provides a path for gym owners, athletic programs, educational institutions, and many others looking to integrate Musculosystematic Engineering into the training philosophy of their facility, staff, or student population. Facility owners and program leaders can certify their entire staff in group-learning settings, create pathways to Senior-level certifications for those in leadership positions, and, if interested, integrate I2SM’s Business Accreditation Program, which provides guidance and consultation as to how best to integrate MsE into an existing facility and/or sports performance approach.


I2SM Seminars are the ultimate MsE Primed learning experiences. MsE Seminars are offered over 4 days of activities, classes, practical sessions, and social events. All possible Seminar packages result in an “MsE Primed” Certification.


MsE Primed is I2SM’s base Primed Seminar experience. Any seminar participant signed up for an MsE Primed seminar package receives attendance to the following Seminar Weekend sessions:
  • MsE Experiential Workout
  • MsE Seminar Instruction
  • MsE Practical 1: ITT & MsE Black Implementation
  • MsE Practical 2: HFD & SFD Implementation


Primed Gold is I2SM’s Primed Seminar experience geared towards sports performance professionals. Any seminar participant signed up for an MsE Primed Gold seminar package receives attendance to the following Seminar Weekend sessions:
  • All MsE Primed package seminar sessions.
  • MsE Sports Performance: Theoretical Approach 
  • MsE Sports Performance: Practical Application (individually tailored each seminar based on participant need)


Primed Platinum is I2SM’s most comprehensive Primed Seminar experience. Any seminar participant signed up for an MsE Primed Platinum seminar package receives attendance to the following Seminar Weekend sessions:
  • All MsE Primed seminar sessions.
  • All MsE Primed Gold seminar sessions.
  • “Advanced MsE Application”: Up to six hours of I2SM Boston client shadowing. 
  • “Integrating MsE Primed into Your Practice” : Private 1 hour consult w/ I2SM Boston Senior Staff.


MsE and the FootDoctor, independently developed, found each other in perfect harmony as FD™ designed the human from exceptional tactile skill development back to the neuromuscular systems and MsE™ built the neuromuscular systems towards exceptional tactile skill development. When they collided, it took very little time to understand that they were built on the similar concepts in universal physics.

Responsible for these two technologies are the FootDoctor™ of FootDoctor Sports and Sage Osprey of Musculosystematic Engineering™.

For more information About The FootDoctor™, click here.


Created by Sage Osprey, MEMsE, in 2010, and developed over two decades of practical application, Musculosystematic Engineering is a unique approach to movement, performance, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Rooted in the body’s own ability to create engagement and involvement in its musculature, Muscuosystematic Engineering is a whole-body system that identifies dysfunction and compensation in movement and re-engineers the body to repair it. In doing so and in the hands of a certified and skilled Musculosystematic Engineer, MsE can relieve pain, free range of motion, repair injury, elevate performance, and above all else, help people achieve their goals and reclaim their own bodies.

First, it is important to note that the vast majority of our Musculosystematic Engineers are already exceptionally qualified beforethey enter the I2SM MsE Apprenticeship Program. Previous apprentices have included: Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, Strength & Sports Performance Coaches, Athletes, and Fitness Trainers. For many of these Engineers, MsE served as a bridge over the gaps of their conventional educations in movement, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and sports performance. Many of these Primed and Junior Certified Engineers were already some of the best physical therapists, coaches, and trainers in the business before they found MsE and have been able to supplement their approach and improve outcomes for their clients. Additionally, the Mse Apprenticeship Program is an extensive and rigorous education with the healthy, safety, and progress of clients at the forefront of that process. On average it takes a year of full-time education through a certified I2SM Facility to attain the first of I2SM’s SIX levels of certification. Senior, Elite, & Master Level MsEs have spent multiple years, if not decades, in continuing education and practice. These MsE Engineers work with populations suffering from extreme physical/neurological injuries/disorders, sever injury rehabilitation, and multiple professional athletes.

Since MsE sessions are uniquely tailored to each individual, a typical training session can vary quite a bit depending on the needs of client. Some clients make use of 15-minute micro sessions or two hour-long groups a week to achieve their goals. Others make use of multiple, regular, private hour-long sessions a week. Some of our elite professional athletes utilize up to 6 hour full re-engineering and anti-inflammatory service provisions.
However, typically an initial MsE Consult typically lasts between 1 and 1.5 hours. It involves a 15-30 minute intake and personal history interview with a senior-level MsE, followed by a 30-45 minute MsE Diagnostic Process, in which you can expect to be taken through some basic, low-intensity, MsE assessment exercises. Using the data from the intake interview and the diagnostic process, the Engineer can then provide a suggested approach to help you reach your goals, whether they are rooted in pain-relief, general activity, or sport-specific performance needs.
Regardless of the duration of time spent with a Musculosystematic Engineer, it is reasonable to expect a significant adjustment to more productive and functional movement within just TWO cumulative hours. Many of our clients rid themselves of nagging injury or attain a competitive edge through 1-2 private sessions a week, sometime less. For our elite athletes or those recovering from serious injury or surgery, we have found that we can make significant progress with 6-12 weekly hours of private treatment. Of course, the greatest measure of success comes from a consistent and continual effort by both the client and their Musculosystematic Engineer uniquely tailored to the client’s needs and goals.

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Currently, I2SM Boston serves as the flagship location for I2SM and provides in-person services across the New England region. It is located at 49 Cummings Park Dr., Woburn, MA 01801.
However, I2SM Online allows our I2SM Boston staff to use video-training to provide MsE services to clients across the country.
For a list of MsE Certified trainers, coaches, and facilities, please click here.



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