Whatever your history or level of skill, we can help get you where you want to be––whether it’s an everyday spin class or a spot on a pro roster.

If you’re currently in training as part of a fitness routine or for a larger physical target (such as a marathon), we can also help identify holes in your training regimen and fill any gaps that may be holding you back.



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Release body tension to run farther

Sidney first came to I2SM Boston for a consultation at the end of January 2020. A longtime athlete at 33 years old, Sidney played basketball and soccer competitively in high school before focusing on soccer for his collegiate athletic career. After experiencing an ACL tear and reconstruction, Sidney found long distance running, and has since become an avid long distance runner, even starting his own running crew, Pioneers Run Crew, in 2017. 

While on his long runs, Sidney began experiencing what would be diagnosed as either sciatica or Piriformis syndrome. Symptoms included tightness in his gluteus and lower back. As Sidney recalled, “it felt like I was getting punched in the butt every time I took a step.” These symptoms culminated in Sidney not running any long distances, including runs with his crew, for over two years. 

Over the course of 23 sessions spread out over three months (mixed between virtual and in-person sessions due to Covid19), Sidney’s I2SM coaches were able to work on his hip mobility and functionality to create space within his hip, develop a syntergistic relationship between his anterior and poster chains, and enhance his rotational stability to prevent over-rotation during his running sequence.

By March 2020, Sidney was able to run 10 miles as a part of his I2SM MsE Therapeutic Process. This allowed us to identify and address more underlying dysfunctions that were contributing to his system. By April, Sidney had run 65 cumulative miles. By June, he was registered for his first competitive race in more than two years.

Be Ambitious with Your Goals

Lexi is a Division I Javelin Thrower and had been throwing with severe pain for over a year before her initial consultation with I2SM in April. At first, the pain was limited to when she practiced or competed, but eventually, it progressed to the point that she was feeling it all the time, in everyday movements.

Lexi and her coaches at I2SM focused not only on the removal of her pain, but tailoring her programming to the highly specific throwing motion that the javelin requires. In short order, Lexi was throwing pain free while, as she put it, “trying less” and in just three months of virtual training with her I2SM coaches during Covid19, while continuing to train for the javelin, she was pain-free in her everyday life.

With the complete integration of her hips and fully functional movement mechanics into her throwing motion and her pain-free shoulder, Lexi is throwing farther than ever before and we’re looking forward to helping her achieve new heights as she continues through her collegiate career and beyond.

PRIVATE SESSIONS, Lasting results

MsE™ training works best when it’s customized according to your unique condition and your own personal needs. During our one-on-one private sessions, our MsE™ engineers will perform a free diagnostic evaluation based on your performance goals and/or any injuries you’ve experienced. Once the evaluation is complete, the engineers will then create a specific MsE™ program that’s specially curated to improve the movement, function, and integration within your neuromuscular systems and help you reach peak performance.

In addition, our team will recommend an experienced and highly qualified MsE™ coach who will be ideally suited to your program, and we’ll also provide a suggested timeline for successful application of your training-and-treatment plan.

*ALL active, private clients receive complimentary access to all of I2SM Boston’s online group offerings.


“In addition to our private appointments, I2SM also offers group sessions to help make MsE™ more accessible and fun. These sessions are perfect for a wide range of people, from athletic teams looking to gain an edge training together, to casual fitness enthusiasts, to other fitness and sports performance professionals looking to expand their knowledge. I2SM Boston Sports Performance groups cover a wide range of subjects, including fundamental MsE™ engagement, speed and agility development, sport-specific movement patterns, and much more.

Sport Performance Groups are Invite-Only.

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